We are Stabil

A pleasurable alternative to the world of object's redundant everyday life.


Scrap Life Project


Plastic, stainless steel

SCRAP LIFE PROJECT uses a side product of the injection moulding process of plastic chairs. Bringing a spark of anarchy into the controlled and optimised high-tech surrounding of mass production, the massive drops of plastic are transformed to stools in a process that could not be more different to their origin. With the help of an archaic process, steel tubes are heated and pressed into the plates. The plates become stools and scrap comes to life. Every stool is completely individual. 
 Characteristic objects, challenging the ordinary. Scrap Life Project

Together with Spreng&Sonntag
Photos: Michelle Mantel

Simply Better Living

2017 Kvadrat

Foam, birch wood, wadding, Kvadrat canvas.

To break rules, to play around with the normative and defined, always makes things more fascinating in the way we define our world. One could say that there is a kind of revolutionary potential in the world of objects. Every object that surrounds us offers – via its tactile and fixed parameters – the possibility of imagining it in other dimensions, other materialities. Precisely the one form that is the shape of the object at the end of the process gives us, as designers, the possibility to think of it otherwise, to think in worlds that are not ours. Instead of adapting an adaptation we simply take what we encounter daily and work with that. With these transformations, new refreshing possibilities of use emerge and the known world is widened. They offer a pleasurable alternative to the redundant everyday life of the world of objects. Kvadrat my canvas

Best City Cafe

2017 Cola Taxi Okay

Kaiserpassage 11, Karlsruhe

In the very centre of the city of Karlsruhe, COLA TAXI OKAY offers an opportunity for refugees and people from Karlsruhe to meet and get to know each other. Everyone is welcome to join the project. Culture is an active process and integration is a job for everyone. BEST CITY CAFE takes this concept one step further. It doesn’t offer previously planned events, instead ideas and their realization will be developed together. The furniture and lighting consist of objects that occur all over the world. No cultural or regional affinity. Pimped out design for everyone! Cola Taxi Okay

Photos: Anja Ruschival



lighter, polycarbonat

Other than usual, this lighter burns from both sides. It reaches lots of attention, just because it is a little different.

Neue Deutsche Beistelllampe


wood, steel, light bulb

Not only the title of the "New German Bedside Lamp" is reminiscent of the "New German Design" of the eighties. Its make, additive construction, and brutalist materiality also remind us of these years on the move into a new style of living and home décor.

However, this design should not be regarded as a mere reminiscence of these times, but as a contemporary confrontation with the aspect of simplicity – and that never grows old. Even less so when the designed object, here a lamp, embodies a simplicity thus far unknown in this category. The lamp consists of only five square-cut wood posts of different lengths, a wing nut, and the necessary electrical hardware. These parts, however, have been composed in such a precise and well-proportioned manner that they make up a whole that is anything but hulking, or even ungainly and dilettante.

Quite the contrary: This lamp gives off a type of archaic elegance that makes us forget many a filigree high-tech instrument.

Text: Volker Albus
Photos: Philip Radowitz



beechwood, rope

beechwood, rope

The working trestle has always been a quick and easy solution for building a desk or table. Now, the “Trestle Bench” applies this characteristic to another type of furniture: a chair and bench. Two standard wood panels are hinged at one of the long sides. By means of rope slings and cut-outs at the four corner points, they are then hung from two parallel trestles. Quick, easy, and inexpensive: This is low-tech at its best.

Text: Volker Albus
Photos: Philip Radowitz

Corktus & Basie


expanded cork


A cactus made out of cork? Indeed: industrial material combined with the shape of this restive growth. It's an analogue house plant.

A simple transformation of a well known tough, normally wooden object usually associated with violence. Transformed into a soft yet quite unfamiliar material which restores the baseball bat a new unprejudiced innocence.

Photos: Philip Radowitz

Design is 10 Years Old Collection


steel, resin

peanut coat rack
peanuts, wood, resin
ca. 50x7x2cm

lamp, flower stand
steel, abs

door handle
stainless steel

The collection “Design is 10 Years Old” is the result of a design experiment. It started with the visit of a group of around thirty ten-year-old fourth graders who were encouraged to draw a piece of furniture of their choice, i.e., a chair, table, lamp, shelf or something similar. Four of these “designs” have been realized and now evoke the question of what design actually is, who can do it, how it can develop, and what alternatives are out there. And these, as the result shows, are at least conceivable.

After all, with the exception of the three-legged table, all objects “work” – albeit in a “different,” but in their own way very fascinating, manner.

Text: Volker Albus
Photos: Philip Radowitz



big Flytrap
steel, neon tubes

small Flytrap
steel, neon tubes

On the one hand a very useful piece against all kinds of light-attracted vermin, on the other hand a radical metaphor for where blind faith can lead us. The crucifix, in this case, is vicarious for any confession: A wrong interpretation can implicate serious burnings.

Neue Deutsche Architektenlampe


wood, steel, illuminant

The "Neue Deutsche Architektenlampe" is brute: One pedestal, two sticks and one bulb holder connected with three screw clamps. It resembles classical desk lamps and is similar changeable in height and light-angle. The design resigns from camouflaged technique and superficial styling. The lamp shows what it is — the idea is the design.

Photos: Philip Radowitz

Yurt Market 800


polypropylene, resin

Not only because it has been sold millions of times, but probably also due to its global low price and its banal design, the so-called Monobloc has, in the eyes of many designers and artists, long become a type of semi-finished material whose disdained ordinariness can, through purposeful manipulation and processing, be transformed into an attention-grabbing work.
This is, however, only successful if the intervention respects the dominating characteristics of this mass product: that is, when the changes are made in such a way that the basic model can still be identified, while being “newly” defined through a material, configurative or proportional modification, thus provoking a noticeable reflection of this icon of ordinariness.

This is exactly the case with the Yurt Market 800, thanks to only one, but absolutely decisive, “structural” measure: a drastic shortening of the seat. Sitting down there, you will hardly feel like getting comfortable, but maybe it will get you thinking.

Text: Volker Albus
Photos: Philip Radowitz



pine, honeycomb slap

The table was rethought with his archetypal design "VierFünf". The viewer is initially surprised by the interesting look of the table. Nine rods serve as table legs and are pushed into different angled holes through the table top. The whole construction gets along without any locking mechanism. Not a single screw was used. Only the laws of gravity and physical tensions ensure stability.

The rods not only serve as table legs, they stick out of the table and are, connected with or without cords, a useful system which invites to creative use. So books can be leaned, photos hanged and files organized. In this way its easy to create your personal glade in the pole forest of "VierFünf".

Auf & Ab


cardboard, tape

"Cardboard, tape and brain". That's the way the shelf was perfectly described previously.

It is made of foldable stand elements and case boards, which are inserted in the slots of the stand elements.It is easy a- and disassembled by a single person and is extremely light. Ideal for relocations and distribution."2x2" is able to be expanded and combined in any order. Arranged in a square it creates a room-in-room situation. Constructed linear 2x2 could become an endless bookshelf.

The design is made for the nomadic lifestyle of various social classes and offers an alternative to numerous permanent shelf designs.


We are Stabil, Max Guderian and Clemens Lauer (both born in Germany, 1990). We founded our studio in 2014, having met while studying at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.

Stabil is a design tag team and designers for new, everyday things. In our work, everything is subordinated to the Idea.